all things in moderation

Since there was such overwhelming response (NOT) to my idea to do a 'touch-up Tuesday' (or a fix-it Friday)...I will make an executive decision and give it the green light. ;-) OK, so maybe I'm the only one that LOVES a good photoshop touch-up, but here's the real reason. Touch-ups are pretty easy. And quick. And fun.

And my house is totally falling apart due to all this blogging. And I'm so behind on everything that I'm starting to feel overwhelmed. I have Spring cleaning to do. I have a stack of magazines going back as far as December that I haven't had a chance to read. I'm so unorganized that I didn't dress my kids in green for St. Patrick's Day. I forgot mis-match day. And today I drove Drew all the way to preschool only to discover an empty parking lot. Spring break still??!! Who knew? Did I mention that some of those magazines I've haven't had a chance to read are 'Parenting' magazines?

I have a shamrock on my front door and Easter is already over. I'm still wearing my winter boots and it's 70 degrees. No time to find all the sandals and flip flops.

So 'touch-up' Tuesday it is. And I might not post every day. I was afraid that you'd all get bored and stop reading if I didn't post new pictures every day, but it turns out...that takes a lot of time. I haven't even gotten to watch Manhunters and the Real Housewives of New York in weeks.

So here we go. Today's photoshop touch-up is this boring old shot of a tree in my backyard. Dreary, gloomy grey skies. No beautiful leaves (yet). Totally blah, right?


Add a little texture using the overlay blending mode...and what a transformation, right?

You're supposed to mask the texture off the subject (in this case the tree), but there's no way I'm going to take the time to do that. All those branches...yikes!

So from now on, Tuesday will be a touch-up day only, and not so much writing. I hope you keep stopping by my blog. I am overwhelmed that there have been over 2,750 hits since I added the counter. Maybe distance will make the heart grow fonder. :-)