for my friend's boy :-)

Only ONE person liked my lego humor yesterday??!! Only one? And he's FOUR years old?? OK, my mom was laughing her head off, and Doron gave me an obligatory chuckle. Well I'm not satisfied.

Let's try this again.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Well??? Is that more to your liking??


Mindy Mc said...

Well, he's actually 5 and this made me chuckle and Cody is gonna LOVE it! You're such a hoot!

Mindy Mc said...

ps. maybe your should feed your lego men. they seem to be working hard and look hungery-hehehe

Kathy said...

I appreciated the Lego humor but failed to comment and let you know! So here it is: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Keep up the good work! (We have to find some way to avoid laundry, right?) ;)

Jenn said...

Girl you need another hobby ;) Just kidding...too funny! Those poor little men are working over time!


Adeena said...

How are the Lego men doing? ;)