he called my bluff

We were trying on shorts today to see if anything still fit for summer. When we were done, Drew's jeans still lay in a heap on the floor. It got closer and closer to 2:53, time to pick up child #1 from school. I raised my voice. I threatened. I said "if you don't get dressed NOW, you're going to pick up Collin from school in your underwear."

He didn't care.

It wasn't warm.

He still didn't care.

Livia knew something funny was going on, but she wasn't quite sure what.

I said "what if Collin's friends peek in the car and see you."
This raised an eyebrow.
(Not to worry. They were boxer shorts. And our windows are tinted).

OK, now she gets what's going on. Boys are so weird!

This look says is all.

How's Wednesday treaing you?


Julie said...

Very cute!! Love the photos and their eyes are amazing!

Justine said...

thats super funny! love the blog!

Tracy said...

so, you take your camera when you pick up the kids from school too? How do you manage to snap pictures, drive, and pick up kids? I am impressed. :)

Adeena said...

That pic of Collin is hysterical!! :D