you capture: comfort

This week's you capture theme is "comfort." I thought of my children hugging each other, or someone sipping hot chocolate. Maybe a warm crock pot meal, or someone wrapped in a cozy blanket with fuzzy slippers.

Well, the warm crock pot meal and the hot chocolate didn't happen, but here was my first capture.


There's something I like about it...maybe because it was my first shot. And I love the sunlight streaming in, but Livia is a mess and it's not perfect.

I tried again. This one looks too posed. Still not loving it.

So I took the kids outside the next day and this happened: (Can you see the baby's face? She bonked her poor little nose on the fence). Big brother was right there to make it better.

I captured this.

He'll make sure she won't fall again.

I love candid shots so much more than those that are posed. Wait for the little moments and they will happen.

And who does big brother have to comfort him?

Bigger brother, of course. ;-)


Julie said...

oh, very sweet. I love when my boys comfort each other. It makes me smile all over. I love that last one especially.

Bec said...

ahhh boys and their video games!


tara said...

stop it, please, stop, these cute sibling shots are making my uterus hurt! (also, that first shot in the post below - calling my bluff - PRICELESS.)

Jen said...

I love the first one, but I really like that last one too!

Anonymous said...

Those are really sweet.

kristenly said...

its funny how sometimes the very first picture you take turns out so good. great capture!

Adeena said...

Awww... siblings are the best! :D

Anonymous said...

Coming from a family where there was no comfort between my sister and I, I find this very sweet. I had to wait 8 years to get another sister which I totally cuddled, comforted, kissed...

pdbonnie said...

I liked the first shot of Drew and Livia and the last shot of Drew and Collin - wonderful. they will look back at these pictures and smile when they get older.