yee haw

And I say that with the utmost sarcasm. Boy, did I have one photographic failure after another tonight.

It all began when I thought it would be fun to snap a few pictures of Drew and me playing "heads or schools." (Yes, the back of a penny looks like a school). I made a fun score sheet labeled "Drew" vs. "The Master," but my attempt at humor was lost on my preschooler, who scribbled out "The Master" with disgust. In the game of Drew vs. Scribble Mark, guess who lost.

The visions I had in my head (stopping the action of the penny in mid-air as it flipped from my preschoolers fingers)....ahhhhh, how ambitious I was. Twenty minutes later and I had not one picture to show for it.

Join me on a rabbit trail for a moment. Remember how Doron got me the Canon 7D as an upgrade from my Rebel XSI? Well, long story short, it got returned and a better camera is now on the way. Oh yes, my friends...the 5D Mark II. (Queue the angelic music here). I'll spare you the details, but I will say that the following pictures are taken with my Rebel, which I'm now disliking very, VERY much.

It was no small feat to get Miss Sis (all dressed in her cowgirl outfit) to smile, so I will share my marginal-quality pictures anyway.


Livia is rough and tough, but sitting in this scratchy, icky grass...EWWWW!

THIS is "the" Livia face. Lips pursed together. Slight frown.


I didn't capture a great expression here, but her eyes are so pretty! Yes, they are really that blue.


Drew is standing off to my right, holding a lollipop. I would say "OK, give her the lollipop!" He would swirl it around in her mouth, and then hold the lollipop right by my lens. Yes, he's awesome. And yes, I'm a genius.



We have a million activities this weekend, so I'll see you again on Monday! :-)


Julie said...

Well, I think the photos looks super cute! Congrats on your on-its-way camera! :)

Anna said...

I am crazy about that cowgirl outfit, what a doll!! The pics are great..and yay for a new camera! :)