God has been merciful to this boy. In a small way, Collin understands that.


My tears of heartache, uncertainty and fear have turned to tears of gratitude. Gratitude to an extent there are no words.

Our lives could have been very different.
Different in a way that could tear you apart if your faith was not sufficient.
Different in a way that could break your heart.

But my heart is not broken.
It is full.
Full of gratitude that I was not asked to walk that road.

I had so much fun with Collin this evening. I don't have a lot of alone time with him, and when I do, I enjoy every minute. Right before I took these pictures, we were shopping together at Target. He wasn't too grown up to hold my hand.

My son is an amazing person.
There is no explanation for what he has overcome.
Only God's hand.

Not only do I love him, I really, really like him.
He is funny, smart, thoughtful and kind.
He has a beautiful spirit, and people love him.

God heard my prayers, and He answered them.
And I am so grateful.

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good. His lovingkindess is everlasting.
Psalm 118:29


Aleasing said...

This is the most amazing post to date!!! God is certainly good!
PaPa and I just made the comment tonight that there is NOT another 8 year old like Collin in this entire world!!!
So thoughtful, loving, kind and generous!!!
An awfully lot like his dad::))

Adeena said...

Aww.. love this post!

It *is* special to spend some alone time with your firstborn.

I heart the third picture of him... lovely.

Tracy said...

I love this, I haven't been in your life the last 8 years so it makes me curious what God brought you through...if you ever want to share...I would love to hear. :)

pdbonnie said...

Collin does have a beautiful spirit and generosity which touches everyone. we are so very proud of him.