touch-up tuesday

Here's the SOOC:

And the Photoshop touch-up:

Now are you ready for something really cool? OK, look at Livia's jeans in the picture above. See how her jeans are poking out by her waist on her right side (our left)? Not a great look. So I went to the filter tab, scrolled down to liquify and chose the forward warp tool.

And Voila! No more weird poking-out jeans. You place the tool over the spot you don't like, and literally pull the jeans back into place.

So are the wheels turning? You see where I'm going with this, right? If you can pull jeans back into place, why not pull a thigh into a more appealing shape? A digital diet, you might say. ;-)

Not that I have ever done this.

(OK, so I may not have thigh issues, but I might or might not have experimented with a digital nose job. And when I was posting the picture of Livia sitting on my lap for her first hair cut, I might or might not have emailed various "versions" of my nose to my mom to see if she had any preferences. And then I decided that I would reluctantly embrace the nose God gave me, and call it a day).

Happy Tuesday! :-)


Heather said...

Very cool. I'd love a digital tummy tuck....

And honestly. I'd love to have my sooc shots look like YOUR sooc shots.


Adeena said...

That is so cool!!

I heart her ponytails. I can't wait for that stage! :D

Cherry said...

I have many more areas besides the thighs that I wish I could "pull in". :)