things i love (post 2)

I just ran across a new action that I'm just crazy about! It's a free black & white action with tints and hazes from Amy McMaster Photography. She invites you to stop by her blog and check out other freebies!

Here's an example:

Here's a screenshot of my picture of Livia in CS4. Look at all the little colored squares on the right. These are all the options for tints and hazes. There are so many! You can turn on multiple colors at a time, adjust the opacity to your liking...the possibilities are endless!


My favorite combination is bittersweet chocolate, vanilla and beige overlays.

Make sure to visit Amy's blog and look under the "freebies" tab. This is just one of the free actions she offers!


Adeena said...

It's for things like this that I wish I had Photoshop. Someday. :)

And I agree, I *love* that last one!! :D

Cherry said...

Great pictures. She is adorable! ;) I wish I had camera skills...maybe someday.....

pdbonnie said...

You are developing some great skills. How come pigtails and little girls go so well together?