drew turns 6! (almost)

You know my deal with collages, right? I use a collage when my pictures are SO bad as an attempt to confuse and overwhelm you, and so your eyes don't linger too long on each, poorly taken photo. OK, seriously. Don't linger.


Although Drew's birthday is at the end of June, we always have his party in May. I like to do it before school is out, so we don't lose his little friends to summer vacations and family plans.

This year, we had his party at Lost in Fun with sixteen of his preschool friends. What a great bunch of kids! He had such a great time, and I think his friends did too!

We'll have another party for Drew in the middle of June with my parents, and a third (and final) party on his actual birthday. I have to redeem myself and take some better pictures to capture his special day!! Happy first of three parties, Drew!

Edit: Although florescent lighting and I are not on speaking terms, did you happen to notice the WALL of windows in the party room? That's right, what a perfect opportunity for some lovely pictures of the birthday boy! And how did I position him, you wonder? Yep, that's right. His back to the window.


Adeena said...

Yay for birthdays! :D Great collage idea... I should start doing that. ;)

My baby boy turns 6 on June 2! They are growing up so fast. *Sniff.*

Happy early birthday, Drew!

pdbonnie said...

Happy Birthday Drew. We will wish you many happy returns again at the end of June.