go dodgers!

Both boys started baseball this week.

Here's Collin's team, the Dodgers.

Wonder what's so funny in the dugout. Probably some delightful 3rd grade humor. Likely involving some questionable bodily noises, bodily functions, body parts, etc. Ugh.

Collin did awesome at the game tonight. He sent a ball flying into the outfield, tagged a runner running to 1st base, and threw to 2nd for another out.

Looking forward to a great season!


Aleasing said...

Enjoyed your game, "buddy"!!!
Great Job!!!

Mama Hen said...

I have to ask you what kind of camera you have? I am in need of a new one soon and will be asking Santa for one for Christmas! Something well worth waiting for! I hope you are having a great day! These pictures are wonderful as always! I really do smile when I visit your blog! Nice work!

Mama Hen

Adeena said...

Yay for baseball! :D

Ours play softball, and we started a couple weeks ago. Three kids in three different leagues.. O.o Luckily, they don't have to all play on the same night... mostly. ;)

Kathryn said...
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Karli said...

Kathy, I saw your post and I'm laughing my head off!! LOL!