i tried

Oh yes, I tried. I didn't want you to tire of seeing Livia in the same two buckets. Over and over.
And over.

Sure, buckets are cute and all...

...but you see, there's a method to my madness.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again.
It's all about containment.

Livia doesn't sit. She doesn't stay. She certainly doesn't pose.
We ran. We fell. We scuffed our hands. We ate rocks.
(Well, she was the only one that ate rocks. But all the other stuff is true).

She sat here for approximately 3.5 seconds, but it was long enough to have a quick snack of twigs, bark and cement.

I'm seeing buckets in my future.

You don't mind, do you?


ThisMamaRAZZI said...

Gosh - she is so super cute! Love her outfit. I think that our daughters must be at a similar age - mine is 16.5 months and never stops moving! Bring on the bucket!

Adeena said...

She is so adorable!! :D Those first two shots are so awesome.

I like buckets. ;)

I might even have one in my future. :D

The Mommy said...

OOOH MY! where do you get those locations?! I wish I could get my boys to pose (together for a change) like that. They are always running in opposite directions.

Mama Hen said...

How could we ever tire of seeing Livia! She is such a cutie! I love the picture where the matching flower on her shoe is showing! Very cute!

Mama Hen

Jenn said...

I'm telling ya...get her on a cool old chair! The higher the better LOL!

She's cute even running away though :)


pdbonnie said...

She is so adorable. She looks just like her mamma.