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Over the past couple months, I have received many lovely blog awards, most from sweet Mama Hen, and with some awards you are supposed to tell a few things about yourself. I have been very bad about doing that, and my excuse is major bouts of blogging-guilt; you know, too much time on the computer away from the kids, yada yada.

Today I had a few extra minutes, so I thought I'd jot down a few little known facts about myself:

1. I am the Queen of Returns. I am not a big shopper in the least, but no matter how small the item, I always end up having buyer's remorse. Am I sure I like it? Do I really need it? Do I really look OK in it? I shouldn't really call myself the Queen of Returns. I should call my husband the King of Returns because, sweet soul that he is, he does all my returns for me. I don't like confrontation.

2. I am extremely sensitive, and my feelings are hurt way too easily. If someone honks their horn at me, for example, I will think about if for the rest of the day.

3. Buffets gross me out.

4. I started my senior year of high school at 15. I graduated at 16. Everyone thought I was so smart, but as it turns out, I was just good at "school." I have a good memory and am good at taking tests. Too bad there's no career for "taking tests."

5. I got a B.S. in education at the University of Nebraska. I won't tell you what year. OK, it was 1995. A lot of good that did me since during my junior year, I realized I don't like kids. I love my own kids of course, but a room full of 20 kids that aren't related to me? No thanks.

6. I go grocery shopping at least 4 times a week. Have I mentioned I'm not good at planning ahead?

7. I pack the night before a trip.

8. I use green cleaning products.

9. I am a nutrition fanatic, especially regarding my kids.

10. You might look at me an think, tall and thin - awesome! Not really. Average jeans are too short. Tall jeans are too long. Along with being tall comes big feet. And I swear I don't have one shirt with long-enough sleeves.

11. I will never become a professional photographer.

12. My image of myself in my head doesn't match what I see in the mirror. In my head I'm like "Oh YEAH!" but in the mirror I see "Oh NO!"

13. I am amazed everyday at God's patience and hand of mercy in my life. After years of rebellion, He gently guided me toward Himself.

So there ya go! Anyone still awake? I actually love reading about my blog friends, so now maybe you feel you know me a bit better. :-)


Mama Hen said...

Hey Karli, this was great! That is super that you are such a nutrition mom! How do you get veggies in your little ones. I find that Little Chick is OK at times and other times I have to be creative. You are beautiful! Just like all women we see something different in the mirror then what the rest of the world sees! You deserve the awards my blog buddy! Now I am going to get ready for Little Chick's big day! We are so excited! this will be another late night! We are having two parties. One family party Monday and then another one on Sunday with her friends! Yippee! Have a great Sunday! :)

Mama Hen

Mama Hen said...

By the way, you need to charge more for your buttons! Don't sell yourself short my talented friend! I might need one soon! I will let you know! :)

Mama Hen

Audrey @ TheDailyWyatt.blogspot.com said...

Why wont you become a professional photographer?? you are soooo talented I envy your pictures really I do.

Tracy said...

So...should I take offense since I was in atleast one of the classes you "taught" during your pursuit of a degree? was I really that bad? ;) Either way, loved the get to know you. :)

Ashley Sisk said...

I love this Karli! You were one of those kids I hated in school because you were so good at taking tests. I hate tests and am horrible at it. I have to work really hard for just about anything I pursue (with maybe the exception being my love of photography). Anyways, I just thought I'd stop by to say hello!

Natalie said...

Thanks for the tidbits. Fun reading a little bit about you.

We must think alike regarding food: buffets completely gross me out and I am a granola girl myself. Love to see how healthy my cart at the grocery store can be. :-)

Mom of M&Ms said...

He he KArli:

I think I actually "knew" a little about everyone of those things you posted.. except the part about graduating in 95. I assumed as a native Nebraskan that you went to the only school ya'll think ya have here LOL.

No wonder we are blog friends.. I too am too tall for most jeans and have big feet. I do have a perfect white shirt with perfect length sleeves, though. Brooks brothers to the rescue ( custom made). I will probably be buried in it.

I am jsut a little bit if a fanatic regarding the food my family eats. I would be over the top if money were no object and only shopped at whole foods. Suffice to say there is not one processed thing in our house.

Why would you not become a professional photographer?

I love your description of what you see vs. how you feel. I lost a tom of weight about 7 years ago.. and I still see myself as a 14 not a ten..even when I put on clothes bigger than 10 and see that they are huge.. Women are their own worse critics.

I am so glad that You know my Jesus.. and He has enough patience with me, that I am sure you do not challenge every single minute of every single day, like I do....

elizabeth said...

wow - Loved this post - guess what???
I started my senior year of HS @ 15 also and my freshmen year of college when I was 16 too!!!! Never met anyone else who's been there - done that.
I too thought I was all about elementary education -till my senior yr. in college when i student taught - and I hated it!!!!
and I am not usually crazy about what I see in the mirror also
maybe we should both become professional photographers and and see what happens???? I just can't shake the feeling that I will ever be good enough -
p.s. loved your fruit loop picture -!!!!

Jane said...

Thanks for sharing, so nice to know a little bit more about you.

Brooke G. said...

I could have written #3,6,12.
Good stuff :D

The Mommy said...

Hi Karli,
This was an awesome post. I loved it. It seems like I know you a little better. Just wondering why you said you'll never become a professional photographer?! You are so good at it:)

Anna said...

What a fun posting! Love these little tidbits about...and the smoke pics and rainbow of cereal are awesome!! :)

ThisMamaRAZZI said...

I don't believe number 11. Give it time my friend. Great post - You and I are similar - no wonder our daughters are alike!

Kristi said...

I'm new around here, so forgive my ignorance but... You're NOT a professional photographer??

You fooled me! : ) But I guess that depends on how you define professional. I personally think working for love of the art is much more rewarding long term than working for money. Anyone can pick up a camera and charge money for a photo... but you are definitely an artist. {And I'm glad you don't charge cause I like looking at them : ))}

Simple Shutter Photography said...

What did you use to make your cool name tag?