her first popsicle

OK, I have to admit. I'm a liiiiiitle overwhelmed with all my Branson pictures. I have no clue where to start, my laundry has started mocking me, and my kids are wanting to do something, ANYTHING to get out of the house!

In my efforts to wade through 2,300 photos, I thought I'd start with something easy. Miss sis's first popsicle! The lighting was decent, the ponytails cute, baby in a pleasant mood...so let's begin.

Before each lick, the little senorita would dip her popsicle in the water first.

I cannot comment on the sanitary-ness of this behavior. I'm a health nut, but not a germaphobe. Good thing.

This is actually her second popsicle ever. The first attempt was a photographic nightmare (that tricky old backlighting got me again), and we'll just leave it at that.


Are you one of those parents that take 9 million shots of the same exact thing? Every little turn of the head, even a millimeter difference, must be saved?
You are?

Hey, me too!

Not to worry, we're nearing the end.

Ta-dah! First set of vacation pictures posted! WHEW!

So what's 2,299 minus 8? Anyone? Only "that number" left to post! Yippeeeee!


Aleasing said...

What wonderful memories to cherish::))

elizabeth said...

Adorable!!!! Love those shots just as much as she probably loved the popcycle
Can't wait to see the rest

Adeena said...

Let's see.

#3 - her expression is hilarious!! :D

#5 - her ponytails are awesome.

Love the happy baby in the last one!! :D

Yes, I too must document every turn of my girlie's head. ;)

Can't wait to check out the next 2,291! :)

Anna said...

LOVE your little captions, make me laugh...and look at that little sugar plum in her adorable suit...love the popsicle idea. :)

Jodee Leader said...

Adorable pictures! I especially love the third one!

Will you please send me the link to that E-Bay site?

Hope you have a great weekend!

Mama Hen said...

Yes, I am the kind of mommy that takes at least 100 pictures at each event! That starts to add up when everything is a major event! Of course the little senorita had to dip her popsicle in the water first! :) It is more fun that way! These pictures are beautiful! The last one is so cute! Hey, Big Fat Mama needs a button. I told her to contact you. I hope she does. I have to give you her link and you can contact her also if you want! Let's get your button business going! :) Have a great night!

Mama Hen

pdbonnie said...

She is just too precious...and those pony tails - adorable. You captured her expression in a wonderful way.

Have fun sorting through the pictures. Can't wait for your next post.

ThisMamaRAZZI said...

hahaha! I love the last one! Maybe my all time fave pic. I'm a little jealous that she'll let you take pictures. I should post the pictures that I tried to take today = so not pretty whatsoever.

Natalie said...

These are adorable! Love, love, love the last one!

The Mommy said...

Ok, this is my third attempt to write you a comment today. Every time I got to the bottom of the comment section something just came up.
Anyway, super duper fun shots, especially the last one:)
BTW, you did ask me if I used a macro lens, I'm sorry I didn't get back to that. A few other bloggers have asked me questions on my blog which I never got a chance to get back to. How rude of me!:)
You see, I get to blog according to my kids' schedule. I think as they grow they have to change their schedule and sleeping pattern and we are in the middle of that transition right now. so it's kinda crazy:)
To answer your question, I didn't use a macro lens, I just cropped the picture. I can do something like that for you on the next Touch-up Tuesday if you like:) I think that'll be fun!