it takes a village

Our last morning in Branson, we decided to do a little photo shoot with Livia wearing her cowgirl outfit. You've already seen 2 pictures from this session, but none are repeats. I knew I was going to need some serious backup, so I got my crew together and we went trudging down the hill to the forest: me, Doron, my mom, Collin and the Tazmanian devil Livia.

We were off to a good start.

But then things started to get iffy.

The distraction by leaf only lasted a short time.

OK, who's bright idea was it to set the baby in the scratchy ole' grass?

Abort! Abort!

Could someone PLEASE get this horse out of here??!! Work with me people!

OK, time to bring out the big guns. (read: grandma)

Ooohhhh, here we go. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts!


HA!! Gotcha!

I get comments from time to time asking how I get my baby to smile, pose, be so cooperative, etc. Don't feel bad. It's not just you.

Some outtakes...

Feel better?


Ashley Sisk said...

Awesome series. It makes me giggle since I don't have kids. You'll have your laugh at me in a few years.

Aleasing said...

Totally hilarious!!!!
By the way, I found the lollypop stick on our last trip down::))

Anna said...

Oh I love this! ..and that cowgirl outfit is the cutest thing ever. And you got some great shots! (I'm imagining her lashing out at you all--"no mo! no mo!")

Anna K. said...

Yes ma'am, I do feel better! I've been reduced to making fart noises to get my boys to smile in the past...can I say fart on here?

The completely fake stamp made me laugh out loud!

Natalie said...

Thanks for the laugh. Love the "totally fake" stamp on the one picture. Tag these for the wedding slide show. :-)

Jill said...

Love these pics!

Anonymous said...

These are too cute! And, that outfit is adorable!

Adeena said...

So hilarious!! :D

I love your outtakes. And, I have to say again, that outfit is *adorable*!! :)