10 on tuesday

1. Edit on July 15, 2011: The picture I posted here bugged me so much I finally removed it. It fell into the "what was I thinking" file.

2. Our flowering trees are saying Spring, while our rainy, windy, freezing cold weather and dark cloudy skies are saying otherwise. Oh, and did I mention I had to pull out our winter stuff again? Dislike!

I think I've seen blue skies twice in the past 2 weeks. I thought I better document the occasion.

I have a sweet blog friend that lives a few hours west of me. She'll email me and say "Karli! The sun peeked out for like three minutes! Keep your eyes peeled!"


3. So after being unhappily chained to my computer for the last few weeks, I am caught up on my scrapbooks! **pats self on back** If you had any idea how much I detest scrapbooking, you would know how great it feels to have this done! I had to go back as far as April 2010 (I will never get behind again, I will never get behind again) all the way through February 2011. I used MyPublisher and ended up ordering 3 100-page albums.

4. To the girl at the Sephora make-up counter: When you suggest a certain lipstick and I say "oh, I'm too old to wear dark lipstick," next time please feel free to disagree with me. Some acceptable responses could be "no way!" or "what? you're crazy!" or even "nuh-UH!" Saying "oh" and nodding your head... not an acceptable response.

5. BUSTED!!!

6. I hear the boys playing a new game they made up. It involves Justin Bieber meeting with some 'unfortunate circumstances'. Collin is usually Justin Bieber and Drew is the one inflicting bodily harm. Harsh.

7. Thank you big wavy slide that occupies my Tiny Tornado for hours.

7. I just took a few tubs of clothes to sell at a local consignment shop. I got back almost $200.00!!! Is that normal???

8. So it seems my feathered archenemy, the OWL, is back for the Spring. We've lived in our house for seven years, and he joins us every Spring and wears out his welcome through the Fall. I'm normally a pretty good-natured gal...but listening to his hooing every night as I'm trying to fall asleep and every morning as I'm trying to stay asleep is going to cause me to be institutionalized. I lay in bed getting angrier and angrier. Does anyone know of a good owl extermination relocation program?

9. Livia's musical potty chair is starting to freak me out. It plays its 'royal tune' all by itself, any hour of the day or night. Paranormal activity, anyone?

10. Speaking of paranormal activity, my husband is completely freaked out by ghosts. And by ghosts I mean little boys with hollow eyes that live in the attic or stand in your hallway and watch you sleep. You know the kind. So awhile back, I got some of Collin's clothes and stuffed them with rolled up towels. I blew up a balloon for the head and put a hat on it. Knowing Doron goes down into the basement with the lights off to watch man-TV (show with pyramids, space stations, antique car auctions (the WORST!!), history so boring you'll want to gouge your eyes out, pawn shops, etc)...I stood the little boy ghost behind the couch. My marital status nearly changed in two seconds flat.

I was going to re-create the little ghost boy person and take a picture for you, but I have been sucked into the show Extreme Couponing (awesome show!) and I have pages of coupons in the kitchen waiting to be clipped. Yes, I do live a wild and crazy life. Try not to be jealous.

Those are all the happenings around our house for the week. What's new with you?
Happy Tuesday! ♥


Just Jen said...

I have really missed Ten on Tuesday! I was so happy when I saw it in my feed! Keep doing them!!

I have planned on scrapping for a few years, but always put it off. When I have my next baby, though, it is so on!!

Melissa said...

Great job on getting the scrapbooks caught up and awesome ghost-boy frightening :)

Sheri said...

insanely jealous of the blooming trees and blue sky...I think ours might be blue today but there are no trees in bloom.

ghost-boy=mean LOL

Mandy said...

Oh boy, blue skies are a rarity around here, too! And you better believe I'm armed with my camera when it happens :) Fun pics... I want that lolli pop.

Aleasing said...

Absolutely toooooo funny ^_^

I was so disappointed that we did not get to see the ghost boy person!!!

Mom of M&Ms said...


Skye said...

WOw I gues we aren't the only ones here in NJ with bad weather. It's true - when you get a nice sunny day... you want to go out and take as many pictures as you can and breathe in the beautiful weather!!
Too funny about the Justin Bieber thing LOL.
Love the flower photos... I love any kind of nature picture. How beautiful.

Nicole said...

I love your posts. You make me smile! Also, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the MyPublisher idea. How I was unaware of this I have no idea. I'd like to say that I enjoy scrap booking (and it can be enjoyable) but I too get behind by more than a lot. I think it's been over a year since I've printed and done the classic photo album. I LOVE your idea so much more!

Nicole said...

Oh, and wonderful captures today too! That can't go without mentioning.

Ashley Sisk said...

LOL...no, ROFL - were you a comedian in a previous life. For real, that was the best post ever! I loved the photos, sure, but your commentary is a trip!

Casey Martinez said...

I love those beautiful bloom pictures! Gorgeous! I think that Sephora gal REALLY blew it. lol. Clearly she needs to go back to training one oh one! I love reading your humorous posts too. I'm with Ashley, you are a gifted humor writer!! Love it!

Jill Samter Photography said...

you are too funny! GORGEOUS flower shots! TT is so cute and sounds just like our TT :-D

much love and many blessings! i'll be back on line friday!


Nat said...

love your 10 on Tuesday! your neighborhood shot is amazing!! and your kiddos are adorable. I'm inspired and may do my own 10 on Tuesday today.

Sara said...

TEN ON TUESDAY! Oh how I've missed you :). We've had such dreary weather lately, I'm starting to go crazy. Fleece pants are back out, and I'm just irritated about it! And props to you for being frugal! Selling clothes and couponing, way to go!!

alicia said...

We have also been having cold, nasty weather. Boo. Sorry about the owl. And maybe you should photograph yourself with the lipstick so we can help you. :)

mommy of Five said...

i love your flower pictures, so refreshing! i'm with ya, packed all the kids winter stuff away just to have to pull them out, but thankful that TODAY the windows are open, kids are in shorts, blue skies, light breeze. grilling tonight!!! AHHHH i think Spring has sprung! Now i choose to just look forward forgetting what is in the past..... yeah i know this is scripture, but i like to claim it for today too and not about sin but about the weather =0) have a great day!

Natalie said...

So funny! The owl story especially cracked me up. That would be WAY annoying!

Liz said...

These shots are great. at leaste things are blooming in the icky weather, here we have nothing and icky weather.

I can relate to the owl/ bird.. I muse cotton balls in my ears, part of them anyway. other wise just go out side and bang something really loud he should go away.

Scary ghost.. to funny. Love your sence of humor. Hope your day is going great.

Michelle said...

Oh Karli! You did me good..... Laughter is good for the soul and my soul is blessed! I'm having to blog on my cell so I can't leave the real comment I'd love to, so until Thursday you'll just have to wait and see what I gots to say. Hehe. But really I love all of these!

Kristal said...

This was a hilarous post! I used to do 10 on Tuesday not as funny as this though!

Carrie said...

I'm loving all of the flower pictures! Way to go on the scrapbooks. From what I can see they look fabulous.

Tracy said...

Beautiful photos!!!

Flower Photography said...

Always enjoy your images.

Ashley said...

Oh my gosh, dying over the ghost boy! hahaha You are too funny. Wonderful pictures and story telling! :) XO

SugarberrySensations said...

Karli, oh Karliiiiiii, Guess what??????
The sun is out the sun is out the sun is out!

Do I sound like Chicken Little?

Karli, you just absolutely crack me up - the ghost trick you pulled on Doron? That is HILARIOUS!

And you scrapbook? I had no idea! Why don't you do it digitally, have you ever tried that? Might be quicker, but what do I know?

That girl at the Sephora counter? Poop on her! I had the same thing happen to me the other day with my hair girl! :o(
Even though you had a poopy Sephora girl, just be thankful you have Sephora to shop at! ;o) For as you know, all I have is Wal Mart.

So I'm taking it the boys are not Justin Beiber fans? Too funny!

Well my dear, it has been far too long since we last spoke! Enjoy today's beautiful weather! And tomorrow promises to be even better - until the weekend hits!


Adeena said...

You know, on May 7th my dancers will be in a competition... held at Justin Bieber's high school. ;) Tell the boys I can take a picture of his locker just for them. :D

#10 made me laugh out loud. XD

I LOVE your version of scrapbooking!! I hate cutting out little pieces of paper, and never have gotten into it. But, a photobook I could totally do. And should. Since I never print out pictures anymore...

Anna said...

Beautiful flowering pics--and LOVE Livia with the lollipop. And I laughed so hard at your prank, you are a funny gal! ;) Love your 10-on-Tues and your humorous captions.

Brooke said...

the photos were great, but I laughed so hard reading this post! The Sephora lady, the Owl, The potty and oh the ghost! My husband is freaked out by ghost and aliens and I am always teasing him about it. I love to randomly play the alarm on my iPhone that sounds all Sci-fi like and watch ghost hunters before he goes to bed. Great post!

Stacey said...

Um....wow. I think I hate you b/c you are all caught up on scrapbooks. Wait...scrapbooks? What are those??

And we totally have the same freaky potty chair at our house!!! Eli even asked to turn it off b/c it was freaking HIM out.

Natalie said...

SO pretty much I am SUPER behind on reading your fab-o blog! AH! Shame on me! LOL So I MUST INSIST on commenting on EVERY post so I don't forget to say something about something. hehe. LOVE the photos of TT with the lolli-that is just "Sweet" as can be-no pun intended ;)

I know what you mean about missing the sun-we saw it for the first time in a week here in KY-the storms we've had in the past week have me sleep deprived and gun shy at the sound of weather radios and sirens. ugh.

LOVE you scrapbook-but sadly and am way more behind than that and I am ashamed and MUST get my stuff together and get some of those made! GEEZ!

LOL at Collin and Drew and their made up Beiber game .. that's so funny!

And I dunno any owl relocations but I LOVE the photo you used to represent that dilemma! ;0)

Michelle said...

OH NO!!! I just lost my whole 10 page comment!!!! gurr!!!!! ug. really???? I'll try one more time.......

1. It's still adorable!!
2. Very pretty spring! Good thing you documented the blue, cause I would have missed it too!! And too funny w/ your friend!
3. Yay you!! If I was to scrapbook, that's what I'd do too -- photo books. But really, I have a groupon for a photo book I need to get working on so that I don't loose it... and waste money... bad, bad, bad!! Good luck keeping up on it! I bet they're treasures!!!
4. hehehe!! Oh, Karli!! I think she took her lesson in "the customer is always right" to the extreme... I sure would have argued with you! lol!
5. What a strong, confident young man!
6. Who's Justin Bieber?? Sounds like a fun boy game to play! (j/k!, but funny none the less!)
7. Ah, I love slides!
7. (did you know you had two 7s?) Stink, who cares if that's normal - YAY for extra cash!!
8. lol! Um, sorry. I happen to like hearing the birds sing to me... Maybe you can send the owl my way! But we have 2-3 fans running at night so that blocks out a lot of the noise. May I suggest running a fan??? :) btw, *love* the pic -- I lol'd on that one! Great mood and love the text!! haha!
9. take out the batteries. That'll fix it.
10. (gasp, gasp, gasp) LOL!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! heheheh! (gasp, deep breath, sigh!) oh, my word!! You didn't!?! You did!?! hahahahah!!! (oh, sorry Doron!!) Oh, my! That so sounds like something someone would do to me!! Hehehe!!! But I do have to ask... did your marital status almost change due to premature death, or homicide???? lol!! heheheh!!!

Have a wonderful weekend, dear friend!!!

happy me said...

The ghost boy.
The owl.
C & D's new game.
The paranormal pottychair.

Thx Karli; You bring me back faster than a Saturday afternoon nap!


Anonymous said...

I swore I commented on this but didn't see it! I love the first ones of TT. Adorable!!

Lynda said...

There's so much awesome in this post, I don't even know where to start!

Love that first shot! Your photo scrapbook is cool! I can't bring myself to put something like that together!

Also LOVE the white on white flower shot up there! Gorgeous and soft! All your flower shots are very pretty.

LMBO at the joke you played on your husband. So so funny. :)

And.... You are NOT too old for dark colored lip stick! No way! Are you CRAZY!?

Warren Baldwin said...

Love the pic of the car in the neighborhood.