5 on friday (kc style)

I was so much more excited about my iPhone shots than the ones that I took with my Rebel last weekend. The 5D was not invited on our Kansas City getaway. He had to stay home where he was safe from grimy amusement park hands and soda spills. My new G12 wasn't invited either because.....{gulp}....I think I don't love it as much as I thought. (a story for another day)

I don't know what it is that's so appealing to me about the iPhone lately. Maybe it's the fact that you are so limited in terms of camera settings that you have to rely on creative composition and lighting to make your shot interesting. And you know I love a challenge! :-)

1. A few random roller coaster rides at Worlds of Fun...

2. The final shot I took as we were leaving Planet Snoopy.

3. One of my favorites from the next morning shopping with the family.

4. This silhouette makes me feel quiet and calm. And you know how quiet and calm is a hot commodity around the Bonnie household.

5. I took this shot as we were leaving our favorite arcade. With all the lights and sounds, Dave and Buster's feels like a G-rated Vegas and the kids love it!

And for those of you that are bummed because you stopped by and don't like iPhone shots, how about a before & after to tickle your fancy.

(Did I seriously just say tickle your fancy?)

Here's my before shot, taken with the Rebel.

And here's the edited version, processed with Nelly Nero's Autumn Vintage. I wanted to mention it because it's a great action for carnival/fair shots...and it's that time of year!

OK! I'm really feeling this 5 on Friday thing. My posts have been too looooong lately. Goodbye 10 on Tuesday...hello 5 on Friday!

Have a great weekend! :-)


Amy said...

I love them all, although I do prefer the "real" camera shots. :-D Thanks for the B&A!

Your posts are NEVER too long. I'll miss 10 on Tuesday!

Sarah said...

I love my iPhone shots. They are so fun and easy. :) Gorgeous shots.

karren said...

All beautiful and creative. I love the edits on the coaster.

Melanie said...

These are FABulous my dear! I can almost smell the yummy food in the Dave & Busters shot! Lovely captures! (there I go w/ the (!!!)again. At least you understand!!) lol.

Mom of M&Ms said...

awww we used to go to that Dave and Busters... sigh!! great shots

Stacey said...

Um....still waiting to actually "see" you on instagram. You know you can still stay private but be friends with me? ;-)

I'm feeling the same about instagram and my iphone lately. It's been liberating not to have to haul my heavy Nikon everywhere and just whip out my trusty phone when I want to document something. I personally love your phone shots! :-)

Skye said...

Iphone? Nice! I will never admit to my husband that his iphone takes better quality photos than my blackberry. But I can admit it to you LOL. Love the david & busters shot. We have one by us - love it! Can't wait til J is old enough to take her there and let her have at it!

happy me said...

I'm in love with these shots! Especially #5!!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend Karli.


Michelle said...

Well, since my hubby took my p&s, and in the mornings walking Storm I'm taking my cell, I've been taking quite a few more pics with my android (cause I'm too cool for the iphone... lol! not really! just not available here!) And I agree -- it's a challenge to get it right, or something good! I'm now in the market for a new p&s... and maybe even a new dslr body upgrade... like next summer! ha! Someday...

Anyway, how did this comment turn into all about me??? lol! I like your iPhone shots --

And do whatever you wish -- stink do "Two on Thursday" if you wish! I just love getting a peek into your life, whether it's long or short (but I totally here you on the longer posts taking forever to get done! lol! I'm still not quite as fast as I'd like!)


Andrea said...

I love your iPhone shots! I've been thinking of trading my Droid for an iPhone just for the Instagram. The texture on those shots is just too cool.
I loved your 10 on Tuesday, but if you have to change to 5 on Friday, I suppose I'll let you. HA! ;-)

Natalie said...

All of these shots are great! I think I love #5 best. Hard to pick though!

Kristal said...

Fun shots. If I had an iphone, I'd use the camera.

You got the moon in the last shot too!

Elena @ Selfie Magic said...

I liked 10 on Tuesday!
5 on Friday is almost not enough! You could do both! I love me some Karli facts!

Btw, never got to comment, but those smoke photos make me jealous!!! In a super good way, like "WOW you rock and I need to try it out"!

Adeena said...

Awww... I liked 10 on Tues. But 5 on Friday rocks, too. ;) At least you're posting! :D

I think the iphone shots are fun. And love the edited shot! You always rock the vintage look. :)

Ashley Sisk said...

Love these - especially 4 and 5. That silhouette is just gorgeous.

SugarberrySensations said...

Karli - nooooo! Say it isn't so?!!! We are saying goodbye to 10 on Tuesday?? :o( Boo Hoo! I love this 5 on Friday, but come on - let's have BOTH!!!!!

I loved all your pics, but I have to say that the silhouette is my FAVORITE!!!