Note: I posted these on Facebook earlier, and the birthday wishes have begun to roll in. :-) The truth is she turned 4 on March 30th, but I haven't really taken a little series of photos with her since then. I took these photos this morning so I could squeak by with still calling her four. She'll be 4 1/2 on September 30th. :-)

 photo liviaonbed-7949b_zps66b7ad20.jpg

 photo liviaonbed-8008ccolor_zps27a103b4.jpg

 photo liviaonbed-8015b_zps2715e243.jpg

 photo liviaonbed-8031ccolor_zpsf19446b5.jpg

 photo liviaonbed-8045ccolor_zpsab67d904.jpg

 photo liviaonbed-8057ccolor_zps9e2cefda.jpg

 photo liviaonbed-8084b_zpsf292897a.jpg

 photo liviaonbed-8088b_zpsef5303d3.jpg

 photo liviaonbed-8091ccolor_zps90b33edc.jpg

 photo liviaonbed-8095ccolor_zpsf6374d11.jpg

 photo liviaonbed-8100b_zps50aec294.jpg

 photo liviaonbed-8104ccolor_zpsc78c5628.jpg

 photo liviaonbed-8142c_zps4245c832.jpg

 photo liviaonbed-8145ccolor_zpsedccf984.jpg

 photo liviaonbed-8152b_zps332e6171.jpg

 photo liviaonbed-8153ccolor_zpsbc39cbc3.jpg

 photo liviaonbed-8163b_zps45803c2c.jpg


Andrea said...

That fifth photo is my FAV!! Along with the one of her on the bed with her hair trailing behind her and her cute little barrette.
She's such a beautiful girl!
Can't believe she's FOUR!!

Sarah Halstead said...

Love these. She is gorgeous!!

Amarie B said...

Loving those beautiful, golden curls! :)

Kristal said...

She is beautiful!

Eva said...

Her nails, her smile, her seriousness, her curls...I love them all! You captured her beautifully!

Kat said...

She is so beautiful and you are an amazing photographer

Tiffany Franklin said...

She is just so gorgeous. She looks older than 4.5 though. She has the prettiest hair and complexion :)! My daughters hair won't grow for nothing because it's very curly but fine/thin. It's a pain but I can't wait for it to be that long. They've grown so fast :(!

Casey Martinez said...

Happy four to her and momma you take such beautiful and creative shots!! Always inspired by your photography skills...talent!