a few from the fair

 photo statefair-8502c_zps68dd04f9.jpg

 photo statefair-8505c_zps898ef118.jpg

 photo statefair-8515csoul02_zps87dc0d70.jpg

 photo statefair-8665c_zps98e6313d.jpg

 photo statefair-8545b_zpsb92f1a18.jpg

 photo statefair-8572bsoul02_zps464bf626.jpg

 photo statefair-8600c_zpsd7bd6634.jpg

 photo statefair-8654c_zps1b046b47.jpg

 photo statefair-8647c_zpse9e4bfdb.jpg

 photo statefair-8659bsoul02_zpsba681c18.jpg

 photo statefair-8793b_zps6ae7d076.jpg


Andrea said...

Oh my goodness! I love these! SO colorful! And how do you not blow-out the blue sky on such a sunny day?...I clearly need to take a photo class or two. :)
That's a great night shot too!
Keep the posts coming! I miss you!!

Amy Johnson said...

Yes Karli, time for a teaching post! Tell us about those skies! :) We were just at the state fair yesterday -- no sun or blue skies till right before we left, but it made for nice temps! Where are the photos of your children???? :D

What is that ride in the left of the third to last photo? It looks like a ferris wheel that is falling over lol!

penandview said...

Super fun! I love the fair and our county one is crappy. And the next county over has a great one but we are never hear the weekend it comes!
I want a fair ground corn dog!

Natalie said...

I'm not a big fan of the fair, but your photos make me wish I could go. These are great and I love the processing!

Kristal said...

Beautiful shots! What lens where you using?

Sarah Halstead said...

LOVE these!! Gorgeous.

Brooke said...

So cool! Love all the creative angles and pops of color!!! Yes, teach us... and YES miss you :D