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Hello friends! Is everyone all adjusted to their back to school routine? We are and it feels great! :-) This is the 7th and final year that we'll have a preschooler in the house, and the 7th and final year I will break into a cold sweat when I get that ominous request from the teachers: "bring photo of preschooler for the bulletin board." I wasn't into photography when Collin and Drew were in preschool so it was always a challenge to scrounge up a decent photo, and for the first 3 years of TT's life she simply RAN... so that was a different kind of challenge. It sounds crazy that I wouldn't have any bulletin board worthy photos of Livia, but it's true...I don't. I have plenty of running away photos, headless photos, blurry photos (she still runs faster than even the most respectable shutter speed) and crazy face photos. But sitting still? Smiling? Well, no.

As I was about to pull one from the archives for this years bulletin board, I thought it was pretty sad that my last decent head shot of her was from November, 2012. So I met the challenge with steely determination and took my whirling senorita out for a few new photos.

 photo liviacoveredbridge-8272dliviaultimate_zps9e390708.jpg

 photo liviacoveredbridge-8283cliviaultimate_zps88f690ed.jpg

 photo liviacoveredbridge-8291clessblack_zpsbd67a643.jpg

 photo liviacoveredbridge-8328bsoul03_zps269dae73.jpg

 photo liviacoveredbridge-8314b_zpsddb128b7.jpg

 photo liviacoveredbridge-8376bbridge05_zpse7a23faa.jpg

 photo liviacoveredbridge-8380bbridgebw02_zpsd281e77e.jpg

 photo liviacoveredbridge-8281boldmarket6b_zps976384bd.jpg

 photo liviacoveredbridge-8412cliviaultimate_zps3c27886d.jpg

And of course the collage of outtakes I shared on Facebook last week. :-)

 photo liviaultimatecollage_zpsbf0e9c21.jpg

Thanks for looking and have a great weekend! xo


Liza said...

Your commentaries are also a trip! She's beautiful as always. I totally get the pressure of the "bullentin board picture" thing. I'm always scrambling for the right one at the last minute, too. We should just supply them with a link to the our blogs. I mean really ; )

ps...I hope she's doing well with her pretty pink cast.

Natalie said...

Your whirling senorita looks adorable. Where is this bridge? You know you are suppose to share all photo locations with me. ;)

Kristal said...

She is becoming quite the beautiful young girl!

What is the comment about the pink cast????

Christina @ Life. Home. Projects. said...

Your outtakes are the best! She is so funny.

Skye said...

Too funny - I had the SAME dilemma here. I needed a face shot of Julianna for school .... and a family shot! FAMILY SHOT? HUH? So It worked out we were going to a sunflower field that week before school started and we got a nice person to take a shot of all 4 of us- A very rare thing! And I got a nice shot of Julianna as well - bonus! What beautiful shots of Livia - she is such a natural! And look how big she is getting - my goodness! :)

Brooke said...

She is so pretty! I hope you are doing well:)