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Liza said...

Hey there! Looks like lots of fun. Nice to see you!!

Sarah Halstead said...

Gosh I love your photos. Amazing! And your kids are as cute as ever. You would make an awesome professional photographer. Can you take my family photos??

Natalie said...

Your baby is looking very grown up in some of these! These photos are just lovely.

Amarie B said...

Beautiful, as always! I sure do miss your posts. :)

Kristal said...

Your boys got in front of the camera!!!

LOVE the swing shot!

Eva said...

I love it when you pop in and say hello. Looks like ya'll are making wonderful memories. Lovely every day moments here. They make me smile!

Mama Hen said...

Happy New Year Karli! I have taken my blog off being public for a bit and will send you an invite soon. Just stopped by to wish you a very happy New Year filled with much laughter, great health and so much love!

Mama Hen