iPhone catch-up

Well hello! Just stopping in with another of my WILDLY unpopular iPhone posts lol. ;-) As a double whammy, these are probably my least favorite iPhone shots that I've taken in awhile, but I feel the need to keep it going. They don't thrill me enough to even double post on Facebook (now THAT'S bad). ;-) If you'd prefer to see some that I like better, feel free to pop over here. Happy Weekend!

 photo IGCollage01May2013_zpsd685bd1c.jpg
 photo IGCollage02May-June2013VERSION2_zps3c503698.jpg
 photo IGCollage03June2013_zps59a48c1b.jpg
 photo IGCollage04July-September2013_zps9e03811d.jpg
 photo IGCollage05September-October2013_zps596c18bf.jpg


Natalie said...

It is only fitting the the prez of the fan club comments first. ;) I actually love these! If only there was one of some blue tubes. ha!

Mama Hen said...

Hi Karli,
You underestimate your talent. Even your iphone pictures are super! I hope you are doing well my friend. Just stopped by to say hello! Have a great night!

Mama Hen

Adeena said...

These are all so fun and gorgeous!! :)

Jane said...

Love these updates.

Gina @ Kleinworth & Co. said...

These are all GORGEOUS my dear friend. If only I could master my phone the way you do.

Just wanted to pop on over & wish you a Happy Birthday! Thinking about you all day- hope it's been lovely! Virtual hugs!!