pictures, (fun) & games

Didn't I just say yesterday that I was going to lay off the posing, and stick to candid (EASY) shots??? Boy, did I work hard for these pictures of Drew. It was fake smile city around our house today.

While we were taking pictures, let me share with you what that sneaky lil' sis was up to. This is not for comedic effect; no embellishing, no exaggerating. First, she grabbed little fistfulls of dirt from one of our plants and sprinkled it all over the floor. She was less than 2 feet away from me...and no, I neither saw nor heard her.

Next, she rummaged throught the trash and found the lid to her sweet potato baby food jar and began sucking on it. Before licking it clean, somehow she got it all over her hands (and new white shirt), and as she crawled across the carpet, she left sweet potato handprints, forcing me to use carpet cleaner (toxic chemicals), which makes me crazy/ier. Oh, and she wiped sweet potato goo all over our white throw blanket, the one I'm too scared to wash for fear it will unravel.

Three times she transported my preschooler's shoes from the door in the kitchen all the way to the family room. We do not wear shoes in our house, because I can guarantee you the boys' bathroom floor at preschool is not clean. No, not clean at all.

I found two toys in the trash, and she rummaged through my plastic bowls and carried them off to parts unknown. The rummaging was the only thing I actually witnessed as I was playing with Drew. She's sly, that lil' sis.

If you know Drew, this one (below) is sooooo him. Silly, goofy, funny and sweet, with a delightful combination of baby teeth, grown-up teeth and missing teeth.

Those sweet little folded hands...

May I just say, I'm freaking out with happiness over my new camera. This picture below is STRAIGHT out of the camera. I even went back into Photoshop, just to make sure I didn't do anything to it before I resized it for the web. Is that amazing?!

By this time, I could sense that the camera was wearing out its welcome, so I put it down and let Drew choose a game.

With the pictures (torture) a distant memory...let the games begin!

If you're still here after scrolling through all those pictures, I will simplify your life and mine with a collage.

Guess who won.


It's hard to tell, I know.

Edit: In the two hours it took to proofread this post, (yes, two hours because tonight my boys chose to run through the house like maniacs, calling each other Mrs. Sparklebottom and Mrs. Sprinklebottom), Livia nearly choked to death on tinfoil, covered her clothes, and I mean COVERED her clothes in chocolate, and became the first "diaper-dini" in our family. My friend's twins have been termmed "jammi-dinis," you know, the ability to get out of your pajamas like Houdini...and now my youngest has earned the title "diaper-dini."

Edit #2: Doron just yelled downstairs that Drew clogged the toliet and Livia is running through the house with streamers of toliet paper.

Edit #3: I'm tired. Really, really tired.


elizabeth said...

your life sounds so full!!!
But your little ones are beautiful
love your photos - i am sure your happy w/ your new canon

Adeena said...



Sounds like a busy, busy day at your house!

Love your smile pics - the bottom right pic in your collage is so cute.

And the "I Win!" dance. :D

Aleasing said...

Great job, with the new camera:)

pdbonnie said...

Isn't life wonderful. I am grinning thinking about all the wonderful sounds in your house. Drew has beautiful eyes - windows to the soul.