2nd of 3 parties

Last Saturday we celebrated Drew's second 6th b-day with my parents. You remember the 1st party, right? The one at Lost in Fun with 16 of his little friends. The one with the nightmarish pictures that I was almost too embarassed to put on my blog. The pictures I begrudgingly put on my blog because it does serve as a scrapbook of sorts for our family. The pictures taken in the cheerful party room with the entire wall of gigantic windows that provided such lovely natural light.

If only I had faced him towards the light. If only I hadn't put his back to the windows (sheesh!) and got the lovely florescent lighting look instead. I totally wanted a party re-do.

This time went a bit better.

His third and final celebration will be on his actual birthday at the end of June.

I have about 10 more pictures of Livia looking upwards in the same direction. I think someone was standing there holding an ice cream.

Yep. It was ice cream.

You know how sometimes middle children say they feel like they get lost in the shuffle?

Well, not in this family.

This boy has completely stolen my heart.

This picture is soooooo Drew. He's nine feet taller than everyone else in his class, but he's the most gigantic chicken you'll ever meet.

Scary ole' wrapping paper.

That's all I'm going to say about Drew for now. I have a special birthday post for him on his birthday. Do you remember this post I wrote for Livia on her 1st birthday? If you're a new reader, see why she is so dear to us. I did a special post for each of my kids this year, and Drew's will be coming soon.

I love my kids so much. Each one is special to me in their own way. God is good!


Mama Hen said...

Hey Karli! What great pictures! I love these! Huge smile on my face! Happy birthday Drew! My daughter keeps asking about her party. I am already planning it for the beginning of August, but she thinks it is each day. I have already talked to friends about it and given some invitations so she keeps asking me when we are having the party. She wants to know about the cake. About the codes I have one thing to say-Ugh! I find myself "in the trenches" with Blogger each day. Whenever I have finished my post and it is just right I press publish and view. Then I say, what is going on!! Blogger likes to take my perfect spacing and alignment and make it all funky! Yup! So when you see things looking a bit out of alignment on Mama's Little Chick you know Blogger and I had it out and Blogger won! I am a perfectionist and I have to take a deep breath at times and just press publish already! Sorry for the long comment! Have a great night!

Mama Hen

Aleasing said...

Children are truly a Blessing of the Lord!
That goes for mommies, too::))

Adeena said...

Nice pictures! :D Drew has some of the most amazing eyes I've ever seen... but the last pic kills me! XD

Went and read Livia's birthday post. *sniffle* Totally know. I completely understand why she's even more precious.

pdbonnie said...

Wonderful celebration. Happy Birthday Drew.