10 on tuesday

1. If you are one of the 214 people (gasp!) that commented on my last 5 posts...please, PLEASE know how much you made me smile! :-) E-hugs all around! ♥

2. An idea popped into my head this week that I'm excited to share. When Collin was a baby, I started a list to document milestones, funny things he said or did, etc. When Drew came along, I had less time to add to it, and by the time Livia came along, I hadn't touched the list in years. So I thought...why not start a new (private) blog to document some of those fun things! And so my new blog "The Things They Say" was born.

Now I can just type quick little things that made me laugh that day, and they're all organized by date. Cool, right? I made three blog buttons, one with each kiddo's picture on it, linking certain posts to certain kids. When the kids get older, they can pull up the entire blog or just click on their picture to see all the posts that were specifically about them. Does this make me seem incredibly organized or what?!

Here is a little glance below. I haven't decorated/designed the blog and since it's a private blog, I probably won't. I can write things that other people wouldn't find particularly funny, but that are funny to me. There won't be any pictures, just some ramblings that my kids might like to read one day.

3. Moving along. There was some interest last week as to why my husband's socks can't be washed with the rest of the family's socks. To clarify: if you remove your sock and it remains in the same shape as your foot after being removed, it gets its own wash cycle.


5. The Cliff Notes:
a. Yes, this snowman (and I'm being generous with that term) was made by Doron.
b. No, the snowman had not melted in any way before I snapped the picture.
c. I guess when you marry someone from South Florida, what can you expect?
d. Seriously though, you've never seen a picture of a snowman???
e. It doesn't help that the 2nd grader down the street made a whole family of snowmen/women/children who are all correctly assembled with three distinct balls.
f. To avoid shame and embarassment, I went out the following morning to try to "correct" the snowman. To my horror, it had turned into an ice sculpture (read: inpenetrable block of ice) and I fear it will be attending our summer block party.
g. Perhaps I did look a bit silly out there with an extension cord and a hair dryer.

6. Do you enjoy exercises in futility? Teach a Kindergartner to snap his fingers.

Ignore picture below of Kindergartner who (although he previously agreed to cooperate and pose for finger-snapping picture) now refuses to come out from behind his DSI.

7. Are my kids always eager to take pictures that correspond to my thoughts of the week? (See #6).

8. Why is the pretty pink stroller that Livia got for Christmas getting the most use from the boys?

9. My 9 year old is going to make a great husband someday. Encouraging, supportive, always on your side, you get the idea. Two minutes after we got the Fisher-Price Loving Family Minivan home and the twin babies buckeled safely in their car seats... OFF came the door. (Compliments of the Tornado). I hear Collin telling her "it's not your fault Livia. It's the company that made it's fault."


10. A friend once told me her daughter was not a "pretty crier."

I wasn't quite sure what that meant.

Ohhhhhhh. I see.

Not to worry, grandparents. I'm familiar with the Tornado's routine. See how she's opening one eye, just to make sure I'm still present and observing the show? This means she'll be done soon.

10. Occasionally I'm wrong.

And with that, you're now caught up on current events around the Bonnie household. :-)

Truly...thank you again so much for all your kind words! XOXO


Zondra Art said...

Beautiful shots and very cute kids!
Kisses and nice week.

Sheri said...

1.) He seems like a great big brother.
2.) Kindergarteners (How DO you spell that!!) are rarely compliant when you most want them to be
3.) I love her cry. I know I shouldn't but I laugh nearly every time I see a photo of it. It just seems so...so...contrived, maybe it's not and I'm just projecting my own daughters past behavior onto your perfect child.

Jill - FNA Photography said...

What a hilarious post! Your shots are perfect!

Love it! Love you! Hugs!

http://fnaphotography.blogspot.com is my give-away today! :-)

Kristi said...

I miss you when you're gone, but I think your catch up posts are always my favorites. : )

Liv's hair is getting so long! Beautiful blonde curls. ^_^

jess@notyouraveragemommy.com said...
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jess@notyouraveragemommy.com said...

{Ok, I'm having a commenting brain-fart...sorry.} What I was trying to say but accidentally deleted was...I love your "realness" Karli it's so refreshing. Also I really love the purple boarder. Have a lovely day!

Tracy said...

ha! mine aren't pretty criers either...they have recently gotten to the point where when they are crying they are looking into the nearest mirror (on purpose)...something seriously wrong with WATCHING yourself throw a tantrum and not quitting. :(

Casey Martinez said...

I'm really enjoying these family moments posts! I love your sense of humor and the things you write to go along with each picture. Very entertaining! You son seems like such a sweet boy..well, all of them do but, the way he helps Livia is precious!

Diana said...

These are always amazing. I truly enjoy your 10 on Tuesday!

happy me said...

I thought we had an agreement Karli; you wouldn't allow Livia to get any cuter or grow any older. She appears both cuter (if that's even possible)AND older in these photos.;)

Your blog to document conversations and such with each child is INSPIRED!!!


Natalie said...

Lol Karli you are so funny! I swear I always smile through your posts. You're so clever. And the snowman! Omgosh! That had me rolling! We have tried numerous times to make a snowman with the several snows we've had and except for the mini one that was barley a foot tall we havent had any luck, the snow has been too powdery! But anyways, love your post ma'am!

Sarah Halstead said...

Love these photos. He seems like such a great big brother. That is so neat about your private blog. Great idea.

Carrie said...

Such a hilarious post! hahahaha... love it!

SarahinSC said...

You made me laugh, again! Thank you!

onagracenote said...

What a wonderful idea to document funny conversations in a blog. Your stories behind the pictures are hilarious - the one about the snowman is priceless!

Skye said...

Ahhh I am sitting her cracking up out loud over the snowman picture! That is just the best thing ever LOL.
And lemme tell you - the fake crying thing is the best. Julianna is 8 months and already does it. As soon as she realizes i show no reaction then she shuts it down and continues about her business. Smart kid already. LOL

Adeena said...

Great idea to start a family blog!! :D I try and email myself their funny sayings... I remember... sometimes... ;)

The "snowman" is hysterical!! :D

Love the boys with the stroller - too funny! :D And the leap that Collin is doing.. ;)

We have the whole set of Loving Family. Even a Granny and Poppa. :D

I can't *wait* till Hannah's hair looks more like Livia's... and not like a straggly monster. XD

Mom of M&Ms said...

Love your Tuesday 10.. You make me smile.. and no comment on the coordinating bows for the swimsuit try ons??? hmmm

Thanks for being YOU!

Natalie said...

That snowman is a riot!

Judy said...

Can you tell me more about how to make a private blog? I am not schooled in that and have often wondered how I could do a private blog just for my own journaling purposes? -- I haven't been following you long but have truly enjoyed your photography posts :) love love the florida snow man attempt :)

Ashley Sisk said...

This should really be called Karli's Komedy (with a k...because that's cute) hour. I swear, this was the best post ever and I know I say that every week. #3 had me giggling like a little girl. And that snowman...bless it's heart. Although I'd probably have trouble too...I have seen a snowman. Oh I just want to hug you - that was great. Thanks!

knit1kids4 said...

Umm.. is the "snowman" in your driveway? We tried to make one the other day but the snow wasn't packable. Now it's covered in ice... UGH.

Love Tornado's coat!

Naomi said...

You always make me smile! The one of your son and daughter is just so precious! Melt my heart :)

Karli said...

Thank you guys SO much for your comments! I think I have more fun reading what YOU have to say than what I have to say - LOL!

This note is for Judy - Hi Judy! :-) I hope you'll check back here. Your email address is not linked to your name when I click on it, and I can't answer you back. If you're reading this, please send me your email address, and I'll give you a screenshot of what you're wanting to do with your blog. My email is karlibonnie@gmail.com

Michelle said...

Oh, I so loved reading this!! At least you got a snow man - all our snow (13+ inches, supposed to make it to 24"!!) is the powdery blowy stuff! Yucky!

I love how TT is a "pretty crier" -- man, those poor ugly criers... lol!

Great idea to keep track of the fun things they say with that private blog!

And I love how your oldest takes care of Livia!


Jill said...

I love these posts Karli! You're too funny. What a great idea to start a private blog of all the great things your kids say. You'll be so glad you did it when they're older.

Liz said...

what a fun real post!! Love it. Livia is a very pretty cryer. Little con artist. Thanks for sharing your life with us and I really like the childrens private blog, keep that up when they are old they will really enjoy it and will have a legacy.

Again I want to babysit T.

Sweet Giggles Photography said...

Awe.. my girls each have the van and the doors come off ALL the time too. haha.

cooperl788 said...

Awww, Livia is so lucky to have such a great older brother! That story was so sweet to read! And Doron's snowman is pretty funny, though I have to say it's about what I could make (but then, I did grow up in CA!).

Sara said...

Your 10 on Tuesday is the highlight of my day, maybe even the week! So funny, every time! I love the idea of a quote blog. And, it goes without saying, cute pictures and kids (as always).

elizabeth said...

i would love a quote blog
things like that make me wish i could start over with the kids -
i would have done so much more memory keeping
hope your staying warm and safe up there
i hear it's crazy weather time

Ashley said...

That blog is such a great idea! Great way to stay organized. I think Livia is a super cute cryer actually. That snowman on the other hand, not so cute. :) xo

Tiffany said...

I had a private blog also that I post most of my kids milestones though I haven't did it as much with my 2nd but blogged about my son when I got pregnant with him and continue to use it here and there even if I use it for me to read for future things. The snow man is quite cute haha ;-) and my adelyn makes the same faces, love toddler stage lol. I love your post they are always interesting and the photos make them 10x better, yay!

Clare B said...

I always look forward to your 10 on Tuesday posts and this one (again) didn't disappoint.

SugarberrySensations said...

Oh my goodness, ok, can I just tell you once again just how much I LOVE reading your posts? Seeing your pictures? Hearing your stories???

I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE it! Love the story of the snowman that will be around for your summer parties, love what Collin said to Olivia, and LOVE your BEAUTIFULLY painted and decorated home!

Love Love Love it!

GabbyRM said...

Life With My 3 Boybarians posted a link to your blog on Facebook, and I love it! Great photography and adorable kids! Your little girl makes me think of our own daughter. She cries like that, too. I'm a sucker for it. I'm your newest follower and will continue to browse around to catch up!

Kara said...

Love these! This is too funny.. I am sure we can all relate. Hey, I have a 9 yr old girl, and totally believe in arranged marriages.. LOL! (I figured you'd get my humor as I've read a couple of your pages now)