the sandpiper

Happy Thursday! ♥ First, a huge thank you to everyone who left a comment yesterday about uploading photos! I really appreciate your time and thoughts. So after reading your comments, I began to get all excited about Flickr. But then I realized...if I cancel my Photobucket pro account (or stop paying the annual fee), the links won't work for all the photos I currently have on my blog - WAHHH!!! Can you imagine re-uploading all the pictures that I have on my blog?? Huge bummer! I emailed Photobucket to confirm my theory, and I'm waiting to hear back. If I switch to Flickr, then I'll be paying for two hosting sites; one that I wouldn't even be using, but just paying for to keep my photos up.

Moving along. So this will be my last Florida post, except for a Project 365 post tomorrow; a picture each day we were on vacation. You've already seen the pictures...I just wanted to post them all together and tag them to my 365 pics.

Oh, and because of the Photobucket issues, some of you may have missed my shots taken from the window of our airplane. If you didn't see them, be sure to pop over. I think you'll like them! :-)

Way too much talking here. OK, back to the Florida pictures. Doron was so excited to reserve a room for us at the Sandpiper Hotel. Our room was on the top floor overlooking the beach. It was gorgeous!







This is the view from our hotel room, and it was one of the highlights of our trip. We had the sliding glass door open the entire two days we were there.

Livia was having tummy troubles and woke up at 5:00am on our last morning. Doron took her out on the balcony, and she slept on his chest for two hours while he watched the sunrise. He said it's a moment he'll remember forever. ♥

Thanks again for your sweet comments yesterday. Have a great one!


Jaymi said...

beautiful beach shots! were you nervous about bringing your DSLR to the beach for the day? I'm going to Hawaii in the fall and I so want to bring my DSLR but I'm afraid of sand damage!

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Ahh. Beauty AND warmth. Needing this today! ;)

Laurie said...

These are beautiful. Sure makes me miss the sand between my toes!

Ashley Sisk said...

This looks like heaven - way more warm and inviting than our view at the beach last weekend. So glad you had fun!

Nicole said...

Wow. I love the ocean. How gorgeous. Beautiful shots from the first one to the last one as always Bonnie! Love your post!

Nicole said...

Karli,...bahahaha. At least I got half of it right. ;)

Mom of M&Ms said...

color me green! simply beautiful

Sara said...

I LOVE the multi colored chair picture: sheer perfection!! That is one that I would blow up and put on my wall!! Love love love (them all!)

Jill Samter Photography said...

awww about doron and livia! love it!

love the beach chair shot and the chairs all lined up! great shots today!

oh how i long for a vacation!


Tracy said...

Uuuggggghhhh... this soooo makes me want to be on vacation!! Just gorgeous!!

Eileen said...

That is so sweet about your daughter sleeping on her dad's chest!! What a wonderful moment.
You are lucky if getting up early is unusual; my 2 year old regularly gets up at 5:30 or 6.
love the photos, especially the chairs. I grew up in Florida (but don't live there now) so it reminds me of 'home'.

Naomi said...

gorgeous! love the beach chair photo!

Michelle said...

Now, really. Feel free to stop sharing these at any time. I can't go to fl and you're making me want to get to the ocean asap! hehe! j/k!

Really -- I've so enjoyed seeing these shots. So sweet about Daddy and TT. :) And wow -- looks like an awesome place to stay! I adore your beach chair shot (I'm going to have one of those some day -- the shot, not necessarily the beach or the chair. lol!)

And it appears I'm a little late to the party throwing in my .02 on flickr/photo storage. But I think I'll go though in my pennies anyway. Because I can. :)

Have a great night, Lady!!

Kristal said...

What a gorgeous place to have a vacation! How sweet on the memory of the sunrise!

Patty Ann said...

Now these are enough to make me want to plan a vacation. It looks wonderful.

Ebendy said...

This is amazing shot,i love the beach side and family get together like this is wonderful.Nice post, anyway plz do pass by my blog on freeing your mind, follow and comment to improve my works too.Thanks.

elizabeth said...

yes - - you will lose all your photos !! I just realized that this week - I was looking for a specific photo on the blog and realized they were all gone -
when I cancelled my old blog in January I lost everything from 2009 -2010 so now my blog only has 2011 pictures!!! I was so upset -
that beach looks so amazing - i am so ready for my beach vacation right now too!!!

Natalie said...

I do believe this is too much sunny gorgeousness for the rainy day we're having here! These pictures are great - love the one of the chair on the beach. :-)
It was fun running into you yesterday!

Courtney said...

Certainly hope you get your photo uploading issue fixed. :) These are gorgeous shots! Makes me wish I was there right now.

alicia said...

Wow. If you only knew what it was like here today. I guess I should thank you for the bit of sunshine you gave me. Beautiful pics. I'm doing a 30 days of spring photo challenge and I'd love you to stop by and share some of your talent.

SugarberrySensations said...

These photos are AMAZING! Absolutely beautiful! I can just imagine what it was like for you in that fabulous hotel with that incredible view! And you kept the doors open to the balcony? That is what we did the entire time we were in Mexico! It was fabulous! And the story about Doron on the balcony with Liv sleeping on his chest . . . . AMAZING! Melts my heart!!!!!
I soooo want to go there Karli! And watch out for later today - I don't know if you are getting this or not, but we have a snow day today, no school - which means no work for me - YAY! But we are in a blizzard warning until 7:00 tonight!!!! Hang on to your britches girl!


Skye said...

Fabulous photos. Gosh I Need to go somewhere warm! :) Looks like you guys did have fun and made some real nice family memories.

Liz said...

waves are breath taking. Thanks for sharing these.

Flower Photography said...

Aw! I want to go there :-)

Adeena said...

Makes me want to go to Florida. :D

Love the view you had! And that you had the doors open the whole time. Awesome! And the Doron and Livia story... awwww!

The lonely stripey chair shot is really cool, too.

Sarah said...

I love these. Gorgeous. So said about photobucket and switching. Hope you get it figured out.