10 on tuesday

1. If you were wondering why I recently took pictures of my 2-year old in a bucket...well I'm glad you asked. That wasn't my creative genius hard at work. {cough} The intention was to show off a super cute shirt that my friend made for TT. What you didn't see was the hour and a half prior to the bucket pictures: TT running though the park like a maniac calling out "Yook Mommy Daddy! Another paff!" (path)

At age 36 I no longer travel at the speed of light, so we pulled out the bucket for containment purposes. If you missed it, Livia was in the bucket for less than two minutes and I got these questionable shots.

Check this out. A "tiny tee" for my Tiny T. (get it?)

My sweet real-life friend has an Etsy shop called Twinspirations. I will do my best to get better pictures of TT wearing her other new shirt with an appliqued peace sign. So cute! ♥

2. Would you believe it if I told you I got a new camera this week?

3. That's right! The Canon G12 baby!!! I'm seriously as excited about this camera as I was when I got my big girl camera. Eeeeeek! This will be for vacations, amusement/water parks, etc. You can even purchase a housing for the G12 so you can take it underwater.

4. Most embarassing moment of the week: Livia yelling "Mommy's naked!!!" in the aisles of Super Target. Yes, that is aisles, plural.

5. Livia is quick to point out well-behaved children in the grocery store. We have this conversation daily as I keep stuffing her back in the seat of the shopping cart:
TT: "Yook mama! Baby boy seeting nice!"
Me: "That's right. And are YOU sitting nice?"
TT: "No." (insert mischevious, but extremely cute smile) "I stand UP."

6. I caught my reflection in the mirror of the merry-go-round at the mall this afternoon. One word to describe the way I look today? Haggard.

7. I feel I'm overwhelming you with my 10 on Tuesday posts. Perhaps a 5 on Friday?

8. From time to time I sense there is a bit of confusion over my name. You guys know my first name is Karli, right? Bonnie is our last name (not my middle name). No parent in their right mind would name someone Karli Bonnie Such-and-So. My middle name is Allison. :-)

9. Go Ritche Bros.!!

As of last week, Collin had the highest RBI's on his team. YAY! I took these photos with my 70-200mm f/2.8 IS L. It's a bit hard to shoot through the fence when your lens is the size of the Hubble telescope. (The G12 will be joining me at the next game).

10. When the kids are away...

...mom will

Happy Tuesday! ♥


Ashley Sisk said...

You are NOT overwhelming me with these posts. You know they make me laugh and smile and cry...okay, not cry at all. And your pictures...joy. Love your middle name and Tiny T's behavior. Is this a case of "I hope you have one just like you" coming back to bite? I'm scared of that one!

Amy said...

Please don't switch to 5 on Friday! These posts are the highlight of my blogging week!

elizabeth said...

Please I love your 10 on tuesdays - don't shorten them!!! And I love the t-shirt -
your posts always make me smile -
and your photos amazing me -love all the bokeh in the last one -
Hadn't heard about the G-12 guess what I am going to look up now!!!

The Shades of Pink said...

I love these posts, look forward to them each week!

But more than that this one just cracked me up, it literally went from a frenetic pace to ahhh....peace and tranquility. GREAT bubble shots!

And congrats to Collin!

(Do you ever write a word and suddenly question yourself? I KNOW what frenetic means, but suddenly I had to make myself look it up to ensure I wasn't saying something senseless like tranquil. You know...Tranquil Tiny Tornado.)

By the way, my kids once caught a department store on fire. No worries about being caught naked in the aisle.

Anonymous said...

Awww! I love this post. Those bubble shots are AWESOME!!! Love, love, love everything about this post Karli! ha ha!

The Shades of Pink said...

(PS How many times can I squeeze the word "Tranquil" into one post? Geesh!)

Tara said...

Love that shirt for TT...so cute! Love your bubble shots too!!

Miranda said...

I love that t-shirt! And the bubble shots? Very cute and fun!

Liz said...

To funny you are girl. Ha, ha, I figured out your name a long time ago.

Love these shots and tiny t tee,ha,ha. Love the last shots how fun.

Rajlakshmi said...

beautiful combination of pictures and words :D I totally loved the last one :D awesome photography :D

Mom of M&Ms said...

great shots as usual

Tracy said...

So jealous of the G12! Very cool bubbles!

Skye said...

Congrats on the new camera... we have a little point & shoot that fits perfectly in my purse for the times that bringing my big camera bag is less than appropriate or uh, not allowed like at the pool we go to. No cameras. But I can sneak in the small point and shoot and no one bugs me about it. The guy next to me had his biggie nikon with a zoom and I thought the guards were going to confiscate it. LOL. THey said NO pictures at all. {Gulp} It's on a military base, so i guess that is their reasoning there...

Bunch of Barrons said...

Ok, I am trying those bubble shots NOW. haha. Amazing! Congrats on that new camera!

Kristal said...

Do not give up 10 on Tuesday...we all love it.

LOVE the bubble shots... so going to try that!

Mandy said...

Ha ha kids say the funniest things! Your little girl sounds like a hoot!! I'd love to hang out with her! And those bubble shots... wowza!! So pretty!

Christine said...

I looove reading the 10 on Tuesday! Don't worry, it's not overwhelming. :)
I love the last pictures of the bubbles - so pretty!

Jill Samter Photography said...

friend you are so funny! as you can clearly see no one is overwhelmed by your 10 on Tuesday posts.

love the shots you took at the game and ha about the size of the lens. i try to not use it just because you can't exactly hide that bad boy! love it but it is HEAVY!

can't wait to see your photos with the G12 - oh yeah!

and the bubble shots - REALLY????? they are beyond the best I have seen. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! yes i said - best ever! awesome bubble bokeh too! YOU GO Miss Karli Alison Bonnie!

i love you so!

Eileen said...

LOVE the bubble shots! May have to try that myself..

Melissa said...

Your are definitely not overwhelming us with 10 on Tuesday! I enjoy them, but maybe 5 on Friday will be easier for you. Always love your shots!

Sara said...

I would love to have the G12. Instead I'm lugging the big boy and lenses around, and it's a pain! Love TT's shirt and her shopping cart behavior. Sounds familiar!!

Natalie said...

Fun post. Love the bubble pictures. Can't wait to see what you get with your new camera.

Andrea said...

Love the t-shirt. So cute. I also love reading your 10 on Tuesday posts. Don't switch to 5 on Friday! (I've wanted to do a 5 on Friday thing, but don't want to look like a copy-cat...)
The bubble pictures are so pretty! Love the change in focus of those three. I might have to try that. :-)

Adeena said...

Love the shirt! :D

And the bubbles. So cool.

I love your 10 on Tues. So you're not allowed to stop. :P ;)

And YAY!! for Collin! Woot!

Jess said...

I always think "missile launcher", but "hubble telescope" is a pretty accurate description too.

Fun post Karli. Yours always are! :D

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

OH MY....those bubble shots are simply AMAZING!! Love every last one......FAB-U-LOUS!!!

The "tiny t" tee is so so cute. I will check out your friend's etsy shop.... I am sure I will be adding her to my "fav" list!

Congrats to Collin... he looks like a natural out there on the field!

Last but not least..... YAY for the camera!!! I have been dying to get myself one so that I don't always have to have the big camera with me. I find myself not taking pictures at times because I want to protect my "baby"...... how bad is that?

Always love and look forward to your 10 on Tuesday posts.

Have a wonderful week~



Misty said...

This post seriously made me laugh! Great photos and great humor!

Michelle said...

I made it!! Whew!! :)

Ok, where to start....

10. GET OUT OF HERE!!! What!! flying bubbles batman!!! What do you mean your's aren't as good as mine!! Stink, girl, that first one TOTALLY rocks!! The focus is supurb, the SUNFLARE off the bubbles -- awesome! The colors wonderful! :( Now I need to redo mine! lol!!

9. Yay Collin!! You go boy! Even if your mama had to bring the hubble! hehe!

8. You are SO right... I'd never name my child "Such-and-So".

7. You may be overwhelming yourself, but I'm loving them (along with most others it would seem!)

6. :) So you've been hanging out with Bo and Luke??? lol... oops.. wait, guess that's Hazzard county, not haggard. :) Hugs. Take a shower in the morning, you'll feel better. :) lol

5. hehehe. she's gonna be a handful...

4. LOL. sorry. hehehe... ah, hahaha!

3. YAY!! Looks like a great new toy!!

2. No way!!

1. I think this could have counted for several points... heheheh... TT is adorable, the bucket was a great attempt, but obviously doesn't work anymore, you don't travel at light-speed???, and *love* the tiny t! :)

Goodnight, sweet friend! Muchos hug-os and love-os!!

SugarberrySensations said...

Please do NOT stop your 10 for Tuesdays, I loooooove love love them! OMG, those bubble pictures are FABULOUS, just FABULOUS!
A new camera? I know nothing about that camera, but am so darn excited for you!!!!! Congrats!!!
I love TT's adorable top - you have quite the talented friend!!!!
I highly doubt you look haggered, do not look in a mirror at a merry go round friend! Not the most accurate reflection! ;o)
I looooove hearing Livia's stories - and so glad she wasn't exactly speaking the truth and you weren't really naked in the aisles of Target!
And you know I LOVE the baseball pics, love them!!!!
Love the posts, love them, keep them coming Karli Allison Bonnie!

Tara said...

Great list!! I'm cracking up at Livia's "Yook Mommy!...". Alexa said y's for l's when she was that age, too. My dad used to hold on to her leg just to hear her say, "YET go my YEG, Papa!". :D

And now you have me going down memory lane...sigh. Hold on to baby girl tight, girl! She'll be 18 and leaving for college before you know it. I can still hear her little 2 yr old voice say, "Mama, YET me just fix this real quick."

Katie said...

LMAO! ...ummm...why were you naked in Super Target? ;) Kids sure keep you humble, don't they?! And I love your 10 on Tuesday posts....you're so stinkin' funny, please keep them! :)

And those bubbles....sheesh....they're great.

Tracy said...

Wow I am blessed to be called a real life friend. :-) thanks for the link too. :-) can't wait to see what you come up with for pics of her in the shirts, I don't mind waiting. :-)

happy me said...

Karli! My new favorites!!!!
Admit it; you're showin off a little bit. ;)


Natalie said...

Okay so the bubble shots are outrageous! I have been wanting to try that for AGES and have yet to do it, but you NAILED them chick! Also, I LOVE the 10 on Tuesday posts-so nada to the Five on Friday please ;) anddd like in the previous post/comment we have have difficult times with the best intentions! LOL

Tiffany said...

WOW! That's a neat camera, awesome photos, and I'm jealous. THE END :-)!